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...was the sweetest. [caption id="attachment_9537" align="aligncenter" width="472"] I love antique lockets... carrying pictures of my babies close to my heart. These photos are old but very dear to me as the boys are so happy in them ♥[/caption] Starting by the morning, when we slept blissfully late... Had the loveliest wake-up call when my youngest son climbed into bed with me to warm up his toes and have a heart-to-heart conversation, with tickling... And we were in a hurry to go NOWHERE... Things did spice and speed up considerably after that... But remained the sweetest. You see, both my sons had their birthdays last week. So our week has been filled by birthday songs, grandmom visits, family pancake parties (lettukestejä...); all culminating in a major birthday party slash kick-off for the summer for all the kids' friends, at a local underground kid's playground theme park -kind of a place. Already the tram ride from school to the venue was hilarious. Retrospectively. I was alone with such an excited bunch of boys that even the silent & sulky Finns in rush hour traffic sent me smiles and wishes of courage as I struggled not to loose any of the kids.. At Leikkiluola there were 30something kids running all to different directions, searching for interesting & absolutely forbidden stuff to do... Like in a scene from Vaahteranmäen Eemeli (a legendary Finnish children's book), I found my son busy climbing to the top of the playground structure, hanging from an electric cord with his cousins in active pursuit pushing him upwards from his bottom...  Others cheering the rascals on... Then the party guests found holes in the ropes keeping the playground somewhat safe... And crawled into the structures, aiming at the 6-meter rooftop as well... Me crawling after them, pulling at best 8 giggling toddlers out of the damn tube... By the end of the evening my voice was gone. And the rest of me, finished. But great fun was had by all...♥. ..And the party continued at our place, with best friends & cousins. I now have a second-grader and a pre-schooler at home...♥. And a proud mama who needs a week's vacation to recover from all the festivities. ~*♥*~

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