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~* What's Going On *~

Asks Marvin Gaye, and I. How happy and carefree we were only yesterday, my friend Sissi and I, on our way to attend a fashion show in Tallinn.

Not a cloud on our sky, a beautiful experience ahead. And after just one day's break of reading the news, the first thing to do upon our return is to frantically search whether my dear friend and her family, living in Hyvinkää and matching the descriptions of victims, are alive. Just this morning, waking up after a well-slept night in our beautiful hotel room, we played Erin's "On elämä laina" when putting on our make-up and peacefully getting ready for a lovely sunkissed day of strolling around the Old Town, meeting a few designers, buying flowers from the flower market...

Just this morning, this was another song. PS. For those who got worried about my friend: I still haven't reached her. The worst seems to have hit other families than theirs, but there's very little information about the wounded. So I can't sleep until I do reach her. What's going on??? ~*♥*~

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