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What can I tempt you with...

Well since tonight will pass awake I'll spend it by digging up my treasure trove to check what I can tempt you with at our pop up...

There's one piece of this divine princess dress, -70%, originally 498e, now 149e. This one is size S but we have unique wonders in all sizes...

This cape in a beautiful shade of old rosa will fit all sizes. It is -50%, originally 149e, now 74e
My gorgeous handmade Moonalia Dream Forest Fairy dress, with a matching wool jacket... The dress is -50% but only during the pop up, originally 298e, today 149e.
There are also plenty of great finds at the price range of 30-45 euros, I only haven't had the chance to photograph them.
Come check everything out but most importantly, come spend a lovely evening with me, my mother and Shanshan <3. 

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