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~* wake up song *~

Moments before leaving for her operation, Mamie gathered some jasmine flowers from the garden.  For my hair. And ordered me (ME.) to stop  worrying about everything. Although I've promised myself to stop obeying just about anybody, for her, I shall make an exception. All sorrow aside today. Time to live a little. Here comes...

Steve & Fay..

  x [caption id="attachment_9767" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Coolest Luke of them all; Paul Newmand with wife Joanne Woodward. A photo that speaks such volumes to me.[/caption] And... ~*♥ *~


  • Mika

    Seven days it was
    you left the coffee cup stain on my table
    why I can’t read the heart sign
    cold handle on my door was
    relief when you left

  • LadyBohemia

    Thank you for these beautiful words… Your own, I presume?

  • Mika

    Days seen waning
    Hope’s not all seen past
    The hope, love, lust rides
    the pages of new freshly
    printed morning paper
    Telling you trust.

  • LadyBohemia

    Kiitos näistä kauniista sanoistasi Mika.

    Sattuvasti ne sattuivat tavoittamaan minut yönä jona uni ei tullut, edes hetken vierailulle.

    Runon löytäminen täältä blogini kätköistä lämmittää sydäntäni aina, mutta täytyy sanoa, tänä yönä aivan erityisesti.

    Aurinkoa Sinun aamuusi :)

  • Mika

    A year ago you
    went this door

    Morning dew
    on your shining hair

    When I can see your
    looks so fair

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