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What can I tempt you with...

Well since tonight will pass awake I'll spend it by digging up my treasure trove to check what I can tempt you with at our pop up...

There's one piece of this divine princess dress, -70%, originally 498e, now 149e. This one is size S but we have unique wonders in all sizes...

This cape in a beautiful shade of old rosa will fit all sizes. It is -50%, originally 149e, now 74e
My gorgeous handmade Moonalia Dream Forest Fairy dress, with a matching wool jacket... The dress is -50% but only during the pop up, originally 298e, today 149e.
There are also plenty of great finds at the price range of 30-45 euros, I only haven't had the chance to photograph them.
Come check everything out but most importantly, come spend a lovely evening with me, my mother and Shanshan <3. 

Something wonderful

I've already mentioned how my friends went out on a campaign to help me out when my life fell apart... But instead of sorrow and loss, now I am going to tell you only about good and wonderful things.

LadyBohemia is opening a worldwide webshop any day now. It's true, it's happening.

My friends Oona Kassila, Bhakti Kulmala and Minna Kulmala have done an enormous labor of love for me - I find no words to thank them.

But I'll give you a little preview of the beauty coming up - all photos by the incredibly talented Minna Kulmala.

Oonanen4 A turquoise / white tunic top


Italian lace blouse plus snakepattern pants...


Golden shimmery evening dress...


A bohemian goddess dream dress...

And so much more. It's so good for me to dive into this work that I love. I truly need something to focus on and thanks to my darling friends, I've got it.

So very soon, a very big part of LadyBohemia's collection is going to be available worldwide - we deliver everywhere.

The site is not live yet, but as soon as it is, I'll let you know <3.

Sending hugs, LadyBohemia


~* OhLaLaLaLaLa *~

For the most stunning spring/summer dresses have arrived in Hel! To Susanna Penttilä's Boutique Férrer, that it. This little lacydream is made in Paris, of finest Italian lace from the fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. Look at the form of the lace details on the decolté, and the hemline... I love, love, love it. Color is a really beautiful shade of creamy beige, with just a hint of oldrosa... Perfect on my skin. The only problem with this skirt is that its' a little, öhm, short. In fact, I've never dared to wear anything quite as short as this... Could I pull it off? The little flower petals delicately placed on the hemline are cheering me on...

Hihi... I must say, there aren't many things in this world that make my clothes drop off as fast as the incoming flight of fashion from Paris. Another piece that got my pulse racing was this cool & classy LBD: I'd spotted this Sagaie dress earlier and posted it among my favorites of Sagaie's s/s 2012 line - I loved it already on the catalogue but it is so much more... show-stopping in real life. It's low-cut but so skillfully tailored that it only comes off as elegantly chic... Just look at this gorgeous detail of crystals and rhinestone: These dresses are sold out as Suski only brings individual pieces to her boutique... But maybe you can ask for customorders. PS. Make-up courtesy Armani, dangly pearl earrings custommade by  Fine van Brooklin. ~*♥*~

*~ Cool & classy favorites ~*

This dress is perfect for every occasion.

I bought it for the holidays as I knew I'd have to get together with some people who really don't like me at all and always make me feel uncomfortable and insecure. As any woman knows, having a killer dress makes those events that crucial little bit easier... This year one can say I was armed to the teeth as I wore this dress and carried my new old vintage Chanel handbag (which I shall show you a little bit later...). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Dress by French mark Sague, bought from Susanna Penttilä's boutique Férrer"][/caption]
And yes, the whole ordeal did feel slightly less heavy and exhausting than normally...

I guess this really is a woman thing - or have you ever met a man whose mood and assertiveness could be considerably lifted by the right dress? Not to mention, by the right bag... ~*♥*~