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~* Soul of Maïa *~

I bought myself a little something last week, in the honor of the International Women's Day... A sweet necklace of silverbeads and semi-precious stones by the Soul of Maïa.

These mistysoft stones are Jaspises; the shade is called Lotus. Jaspis is supposed to soothe anxiety and distress, as well as strengthen a sense of inner security and peace. My sons chose the necklace with me, or for me actually. They sure know what they're doing. I'll wear it with this long breezy cotton maxidress in the summertime. I've even got flip-flops decorated with Lotus-colored beads somewhere... And it'll be perfect with my Everyday Sugar coat and Zara boots as well... Or what say you? The boys also chose these roses for me: And here's a little tip for you. When your flowers (roses, particularly) start to seem a bit "down", cut off the rosebuds and place them in a shallow bowl, like I've done above, with a drop of water at the bottom. They'll bloom still many more days like this, and oftentimes dry beautifully as well...♥. ~*♥*~

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