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~* Something old, something new, nothing blue ~*

One thing in my life that i cannot be with out... is my Chanel 5 perfume which I've used, well, always. Some ladies change their perfume based on trends, fashion, novelties etd. But Chanel 5 has always been... me. Just a little drop creates a really sensual feel as it melanges with the individual scent of your skin. And if you use just the drop, it can only be felt very close which also adds a sweet allure... I never, ever travel without my Chanel - I feel naked without it. We've even made a world tour together :) [caption id="attachment_6555" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="The crystal bottle in the background in an antique piece from the family from France, the cameé is also antique, from Italy. The pearlstring is for the hair or forehead, by the lovely Oona Elena Kassila"][/caption] This cute tiny vintage bag below has followed me through thick and thin. And it shows, in both of us... Every time we go out, tiny beautiful pearls are found everywhere. In the bed, bathtub, my hair... Yet somehow, I like how after every adventure we get a little bit more shaggy together. I conclude this little defilée of my treasures by my dearest silver ancle chain, from India of course. The delicate silver & pearl necklace is from Taxco, Mexico, and the 1940's suede gloves are from a French antique market. The new is represented by the suede heels which are a perfect shade of slightly shimmery antique gold, although the picture really doesn't do them justice. I got these as a consolation price when my Yves Saint Laurent vintage shoes were stolen - would you believe it! - practically from my feet. More on that little adventure in St. Paul de Vence can be found here. ~*♥*~

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