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~* silken antique charm *~

Tomorrow is going to be so exciting... I've been invited to a press trip to Estonia, to the fashion show of one of my favorite designers in the whole wide world; Kristina Viirpalu. Last spring Kristina's show was something out of this world, a great gatsbyesque fanfare of unique creations. So my whole body is positively tingling with anticipation... The only thing ready for tomorrow morning  - which is more than in my usual repertoire - is that this silk embroidered Parisian dream will share this adventure with me. In fact, every time we travel with this bag, it loses a few pearls and gets just a little bit more worn out and ragged around the edges.. And I love it more and more for every sign of our experiences shared. I'm glad it isn't shiny and new. Nor am I. But what the heck. We've both got  character ♥. ~*♥*~

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