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~* Shake your tailfeather *~

Dear friends, let me share with you a very practical piece of advice. That's a word - practical - you won't hear from me too often. So enjoy... As this really is. Practical. So. How to shake it off. When sleep won't come at night. When all you have the strength for is sleep. When hurtful words cut deep, and stay within your heart. When you're alone. When you can't find your direction anymore. Just shake it off. Literally. Physically. Shake. It. All. Off. This summer, for the first time in my life, I couldn't sleep. I'd toss and turn with my demons until the exhaustion of morning, week after week. Until. I started to dance. I shook, shook, shook my butt off, at best three classes per day. Until every last trouble had been shaken off my soul, to the floor of that dance studio. The key is not to stop before you can't remember your own name anymore.  And... I found my longlost friend, sleep, again. As far as those demons are concerned... They still pay me a visit from time to time. I invite them to the cabaret. ~*♥*~

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  • Annika

    I thought about this…for the whole weekend, actually…and wanted to tell you…why not tell your deamons just to f…ck off…tell them you have better things to do…Don’t invite them to the cabaret…Cabaret is for having fun and “not sitting alone in your room” thinking dark things by yourself…

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