~* Portrait of a Woman *~

~*~ I simply love these LadyBohemia portraits, by Minna Kulmala Photography. The freespirited and wonderfully talented Minna invited me to her grandparents' home, an old manor house in the Finnish countryside, for this photoshoot. She also had the idea of taking some of the photos by her grandfather's antique piano.  Not to mention the brilliant shots she took of my bejewelled shoes, playing the piano... Which I shall share with you a little bit later :). Minna had also cooked a lovely lunch for us. Bought fresh strawberries. I don't remember the last time I would have felt so spoiled. I must have smiled for days (and nights!) after that experience... Ever since I launched my little blog I've had the opportunity to meet such wonderful, interesting, amazingly creative people, that I'd never have come across otherwise. It's like a little bit of their enthusiasm, energy and inspiration is rubbing of on me, too, and I leave every encounter a little bit richer. Thank you all you wonderful artists, musicians, photographers, designers, writers, thinkers, dreamers. Thank you all my lovely followers, your zest and dedication warms my heart. Like say Calvin and Hobbes: "It's a wide world. Let's go explore it!" ~*♥*~

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  • Marie

    Beautiful photo’s indeed!


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