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~* on a snow adventure *~

Today is a good day. First thing in the morning I read from Hesari that a dear friend of mine had got the most interesting job, after a long period of hardship and self-doubt. She so merits this. That saved the day. No. The year. I was already almost in tears with joy, having called and congratulated my friend, as  my son and I stepped out into the rather fresh and windy blizzard that is Helsinki today. My son stormed right into a mountain of fluffy powdery snow yelling "Snow adventure!".  That indomitable spirit of a child was the last drop and the tears had to run down as I laughed at his joy.  AND this time I was actually able to join him and make a few snow angels myself... You see, I own no practical clothes. I even lost my only pair of gloves last week. But my dear Hanski, who is the most practical and caring person imaginable, had just moved to the Netherlands for the winter and borrowed me a wardrobe full of warm and cuddly wind- weather- and waterproof stuff. As usual, her timing was spot on. And on our way to school my son and I were able to go on a lovely snow adventure. Near of far, friendship truly warms you. Inside out. On that note, I think I'll make myself a hot cup of chocolate...♥ ~*♥*~

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