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Odd Molly spring/summer 2012 - PeaceTown New York

I'm wondering whether I should shift into writing in English as this has been requested by so many... It appears that LadyBohemia has quite a following abroad - to my great surprise. So... maybe I'll give it a little try. Please do let me know if you find the change inconvenient; I'll reconsider based on feedback:). But no more talk. Just a  rain of photos. My faves from the next Odd Molly season: I love the flaming red of this silk dress, especially when combined with these gipsy earrings: Odd Molly will also display sunglasses next summer; I've seen them and they remain true to the Odd Molly style; gorgeous, uniquely decorated, sweet. So the theme is New York which brings a more rugged, edgyer feel to the collection. ~*~ "i dare you. join me at the top. as where some stop, i go." ~*~ But, remaining true to the core and soul of the brand, we don't quite bid farewell to the Bohemian Fairy Princess who epitomizes the heart of what is Odd Molly... The softness of fabrics and design, the delicate lacyness of it all... Vintage Odd Molly. And last but definitely not the least, the crochet-work that Odd Molly does soooooo well. I've already reserved this skirt... To wear with a simple top next summer... AND a little underskirt as I'm not quite as bold as the modelgirl... Let me tell you ladies; I've seen most of these pieces and they're actually even more divine in reality:). A little ps. I've been asked if I'm paid for complementing certain brands or boutiques - I'm not. I just call it as I see it ♥. ~*♥*~

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