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*~ Odd Molly a/w 2012 ~*

Let me share some of the upcoming Odd Molly favorites with you... These yummy pieces were introduced at the Odd Molly 10 years show, at the Stockholm Fashion Week:

 Love this black crochet dress, and the cool Indian necklace. Those I would like to wear when hopping to a plane and heading somewhere far... For some reason this dress makes me dream of Buenos Aires.

Then again, I am a little particular.

See those little lilac beads on the hemline and wrists? Delicious. 

Look at the inside lining of the coat... Luxurious chocolate-brown silk, with delicate lace lining. It's the finishing touches that make Odd Molly special. The dresses have names (hand-embroidered on the inside, hidden up the sleeve...), they are beautiful inside out, or carry a slogan ("up-to-me-ism", "right now, something is good"...) to give that extra UMPH to your steps. It's like a little secret between you and your Odd Molly dress... My own Odd Molly jacket is unique as it is a sample piece - even the final product was never sold in Finland. On the inside, words "Everyday Sugar"are written. Somehow, that speaks to me. ~*♥*~

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