..*~ New Year's Wishes, New Year's Kisses ~*..

A warm welcome 2012! My year started heartbreakingly sweetly when I heard a little conversation from the children's room right before my sons fell asleep. During the awful 2011 - now officially the hardest year of my life, in every respect - even my little ones have had to come to terms with illness and pain. Losing someone they loved. Realising he'll never, ever come back. Even though they tried so hard to find ways to cheat destiny (Maman, are the magicians of the circus real? If they can do magic, could they bring back a person who has died?). So. The conversation of the children's room was the one I've feared, and felt coming along for some time as my sons have struggled to find reasons and excuses for no-one else around them to fall ill, grow old or die. For no-one else to leave them. My little one asked his big brother: Can mothers die? Brother, shocked: No!!!! We can't live without maman!!! Little One, assured: Right... Mothers can't die if they have little children. Brother, with that sweet child's logic: I can't live without Maman because she always smells so good. Little One, affectionately: And she's so cute. (PikkuÄiti on niin söpö (!!!!!)). Oh. My heart choked. And with these words we started this new year. Please, 2012, go easy on us. ~*♥*~

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