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~~~* Magic Creations *~~~

Today I was mesmerized by the creativity of a young artist, Yulia Nikolina, who actually contacted me to tell me that she had not only found LadyBohemia, but also found it artistic and beautiful! And her sweet message came just when I was feeling really low, totally uninspiring, uninteresting, rather useless as a blogger as well as a human being. So thank you dear Yulia, for spreading your angel dust my way just when I most needed it...♥. What a sweet start to my day, only to get even better as I discovered Yulia's amazing collections. I must show them to you, I promise these creations will blow your mind... The Forgotten Myth Collection, featured below, is inspired by ancient Greek goddesses, nymphs and other lovely creatures... This turquoise Water Nymph dream falls flowingly, hugging the body in just the right places like a waterfall of lace... A real Mermaid beauty, beautifully painting the feminine shape. Handmade lacecrocet detailing... My own gemstone talisman is rosequartz, so this piece, very appropriately titled Aphrodite, really tempts and teases me... But this piece is sold... To a very uniquely bohemian bride! Isn't that just purrrrfect.. And last, I present you Aurora. Her chain details on oldrosa lace and velvet fabrics are just the icing on the cake.. N'est pas? Huh! What a fiesta the lovely Yulia treated me with this morning... Feels like some Mediterranean sun decided to come over and kiss me on the cheek when I browsed through her artwork like a kid in a candy store. Should you want to see more of Yulia's magic, you can find her at Facebook under Yulia Nikolina. Kisses to all my beautiful readers, -LadyBohemia- ~*~

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