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~* ...jos mä oisin tyttö vailla murheita ja huolia... *~

Again last Sunday I was the last, the very last person to make it to our little picnic... In explanation - not excuse - I can only say that I was stuck at home,  captivated and playing this song by Heli Kajo on repeat. Eventually, I did drag my butt - and my laptop - to Kaivopuisto in an attempt to seduce / torture everybody with my latest musical addiction, but that ended rather typically. In silent treatment by my laptop. I'm telling you, sometimes my pc and I resemble an old married couple who just don't communicate. But I don't give up. Voilà, the divine Heli Kajo. Listen - and you'll understand why I couldn't get out the door.

"Kun mennään tanssimaan kaduilla huudetaan näettekö tätä on rakkaus" ~*♥*~

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