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Inspiring Women

I wanted to give my LadyBohemia followers a real treat by presenting you people who are the source of my inspiration. The captivating, engaging, charming, challenging women whom I admire, adore, learn from, laugh and cry with.  Here comes -  Noora.

I took these photos of my gorgeous friend Noora already some months ago, but haven't been able to post them as I've been hit by a case of writer's block.  I was and still am unable to find words beautiful enough to describe her. Even if I'm lost for words, I want you to see these photos. Maybe they'll spek for me.  Noora is one of the most unique and exceptional people I've ever met. Having her in my life makes me truly rich. She is a young woman with a very deep soul. She just understands - everything, and always. Seeing the world through her eyes makes me open up my own horizon a little bit more each time. There's real and rare wisdom within her. When she was moving to her own flat at a very early age I asked her father if he worried for her. He thought about it carefully, then responded: I'll miss her all the time. But I'm not worried. Ever since she was little she's been the most adult person of our family. What I love about Noora is that she is so incredibly straight and true.  And the most fiercely loyal person I know. Noora's heart is huge and it is wide open. My sons have created themselves a little nest right there. With Noora they feel - and are - completely safe and unconditionally loved.

Did I mention - the girl's got class... Character & grit. A profile to die for... And I'm not even going to start about THAT hair. See you Saturday! Miss you already. My Friend.

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