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~* Homeward Bound *~

Gardening is a little hobby that I share with my oldest son. Since we don't have a yard, we've put our hearts & fingers into creating a wild flower / herbal garden on the terrace. Very therapeutic & sweet. This is what we've come up with this year: These roses still live indoors but soon they'll also move to the balcony, with an old flower post from Madrid: My son is into herbs and all things you can eat, while my dream is creating an unruly garden full of roses and wildflowers. Our ideal would be a Tuscany style vineyard, a rich orchard with branches creating a leafy roof over the terrace...Krhm. With some obvious limitations due to weather rather than imagination or ambition, we do our best... Voilà, my son's kingdom: Another little hobby we share with the kids is baking. Also therepeutic, and lovely. This is our version of carrot and walnut cake - never fails: In fact, doing just about any everyday thing with my two boys is so much more fun as they get excited and inspired by each little task... Thanks to them, even I've found a long-lost childlike joy in so many things I'd forgotten were fun...♥. My son likes to grow basil and other accidental herbs in the kitchen, while the bathroom is the land of orchids. It's a lovely touch, as my father had a habit of buying me orchids. Those flowers always make me think about him. But in a beautiful rather than teary manner. The most beautiful orchids I've ever seen were brought to me by my dad, after I'd given birth to my baby sons. So dear friends, you can imagine how it feels like destiny, the universe or something, is sending me a little kiss when my boys now grow orchids for me ♥.


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