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Funny face

...just for giggles... Probably the funniest face I've ever seen:

I can use a some - even less than sophisticated - laughs today, as I managed to fracture the instep of my foot and dislocate a few toes yesterday, and am now ordered into bedrest. GrrrrrRrrrrRr! On a related topic; I'd like to advice you, my friends, to never, everever go to Haartman hospital if you  have any choice in the world. Yesterday, I hopped there on one foot from the taxi, and fell on the ice right in front of the doors (which the receptionists - who were three and had no clients - could see through the glass doors). Needless to say, none of the receptionists bothered to get up or even ask how I was. Equally needless to say, I fell straight on the fractured foot. After I'd registered, they told me to walk down several long corridors and wait for my turn there. I asked for crutches as I could not walk and had already really hurt myself when falling. Calmly they told me that the crutches can be found somewhere around the trauma emergency where I was supposed to go. They could (would) not help and fetch those for me. Yet again, needless to say, there were still no other patients queying at the reception. Just the three receptionists sitting peacefully. Well, to make a long story short, I waited for my turn for quite some time. I never found the crutches. I'd called and been informed by Terveysneuvonta (health advice center) that my foot shoud be relocated fast or it would develop permanent nerve and ligament damage. So after four hours since the accident had passed and not a single patient had been treated from the queue at Haartman's (I checked), I decided to leave and find a private hospital. And by the way, on my way to the Mehiläinen hospital, I fell another time when stepping out of the taxi. On the same foot. This time the pain was so intense and sharp that I couldn't get up for a long time. It really is surprisingly difficult to make your way on one foot on icy ground, without any support. By the time I reached Mehiläinen tears of pain, frustration and anger were rolling down my face. As the receptionist saw me limping out of the elevator, she rushed over to me with crutches, a chair for me and another one for my foot, and a cold compress. The doctor met me in less than 5 minutes's time. Having heard my story and seen the x-rays he feard that the foot might need an operation as me having fallen on the fractured leg might have twisted the bones slightly into a wrong position. There's still a good chance that I can avoid surgery.  So if I rest relentlessly for an eternity (DAMN!), it could be okay. Well, my little foot is an insignificant case, rather inconvenient than dangerous. But after this experience, I can't advice anyone with serious health concerns to put their faith in Haartman's. I believe in the expression: How you handle little things shows how you take care of the big and important ones. By the way, when I signed out of Haartman's I told the receptionist that if my foot will be damaged because they refused to get me crutches, cold compress, or any help at all, I will register a complaint. She shrugged: Feel free. "Siitä vaan." ~*♥*~

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