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~* Flyin' high *~

Yesterday evening, at dinner, my son confirmed "You haven't started packing yet mom, have you?" "Nope" I stated, confidently. "I'm only leaving tomorrow morning. Plenty of time". In the morning, he came to give me his hug & kiss before school. Asking "You haven't started packing yet, have you mom? Do you think that maybe you should? Before the taxi comes?". Every time, every single time I travel I have this conversation with him. How come I never learn??? A question I once again asked myself, when frantically throwing stuff into my suitcase when the taxi was already waiting. Well, here I am, despite myself getting ready for Kristina's show and the jazz concert after... Feeling more than a little bit guilty of not being more... Punctual. Better. Organised. But. I'm soooo happy, so very much closer to the essence of freedom and being,  when every now and again I can just fly high. See the adventure before me, without schedule or agenda. PS. In all honesty. I guess it's all a balancing act. And my son, as usual, is way ahead of me. Had I not listened to him, once again, I would have missed my boat. And my adventure entirely ♥. PS. Photos by magic talent: Minna Kulmala Photography. ~*♥*~

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