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After yesterday, I wanted to talk to you about something pure and beautiful. And I thought about Mali. [caption id="attachment_9448" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Never ever have I come across more beautiful, more luminous portrait on motherhood. This magical photo is taken by Raluca Cozma.[/caption] The true wonder of blogging is coming across people, places, music, moments... even objects, that truly touch a little blogger's soul. One of those people is Mali, loveliest of beauties. A True Real Life Fairy Angel. The most divine bohemian princess bride on her wedding day.. Beautiful inside & out. With an artistic bohemian wedding gown, so charming, so unique... Completed by a romantic lacy veil and a fairy tiara by Mo Puccino. To me, these picture epitomize love. True, deep happiness. Such belonging. [caption id="attachment_9477" align="aligncenter" width="500"] These wedding photos, a class apart from the standard stiff poses, have in my opinion truly captured the heart and soul of this lovely couple. Mircea Ciuca Photography has waved the magic wand here.[/caption] There's magic in this lady. That's why I asked her if I could share a glimpse of her universe with you... And I must tell, the only thing more beautiful than Mali and her husband together is the couple with sweet, sweet little daughter. Unfortunately I can't show you photos of Mama Mali with her little tresor as I'm rather careful with displaying babies or children on the internet... But pictures baby Sanziana are pure bliss. Mali is the heart and soul of Samsara Chill Out Tea House's  in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This dream garden is on my (short)list of places to visit... But perhaps I will be lucky, and meet the lovely Mali at another wedding, rather soon...♥. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo by Raluca Cozma. Ah, how I would love to have some LadyBohemia moments photographed by this artist..[/caption] ~*♥*~

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