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~* Enkeleitä onko heitä... *~

I don't need to wonder about that one anymore. You see, I've come across one. An angel, that is. This lovely lady has come to my life only recently. We have never even met but it feels as if I know her already... And deeply admire her gentleness, kindheartedness, her unique talent. She has angelwings, I have no doubt about that. One night, quite recently, I was feeling rather low. About myself, life, everything. About myself mostly. That night, my fairy friend contacted me, telling that she and her love are getting married. And would you believe this... They invited me to their wedding!! Can you imagine how touched I was... Am. It'll be a small event... And we've never even met. "It doesn't matter", she wrote. "I have a feeling that you are special." On a night.. no, on a year, when I have felt anything but. There's no further need for evidence. Angels do exist on earth. One of them just made me feel special. ~*♥*~

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