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~* delightfully lost *~

This day went like so.

Our friends visited us in the South of France and I wanted to show them a bit of the French Riviera. As I've spent most of my free time there for the past tens years or so, I was taken for a guide.


We tried to find a town called San Juan les Pins. The Navigator claimed that there we were. I, however, didn't recognize anything, and promptly packed everybody back to the car, continuing the search.

Until we reached a familiar looking town... But a little nagging voice in my mind told me to still visit the tourism office and pose the rather classic question, well represented on my travels:

"Could you please tell me which town I'm in?".

It wouldn't have been quite that embarrassing, if we hadn't actually ended up in Antibes - one of the best known, most touristic sites of the South of France. Which I've visited countless times.

To add insult to injury, we of course had originally been at our destination of San Juan les Pins, when I ordered everybody back to the car for further search.

Luckily, my travel companions ae most relaxed and lovely people, and in total holiday mode... They just decided to make the best of where ever we ended up. So we had the best seafood lunch at a picturesque little restaurant, followed by even more picturesque tour of Old Antibes.







And when we continued for our next destination Nice, my buddies turned on Matti The Navigator and wisely didn't listen to a beep I made from the back seat :).

But just between you and me... I'm quite fond of my talent of getting lost anywhere and anytime.  

Oftentimes, a place you accidentally discover turns out to be much more... delicious... than a trip meticulously planned.


~As if I'd ever meticulously plan my journeys~



  • Hanski :)

    OMG & kääk… The ice cream (at least partly) explains why I’m so giant next to you… Anyway, it was an amazing day <3

  • pinkprincessan

    Lost in France ♫ ♪ sings also Bonnie Tyler.
    Lovely story once again ♥

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