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*~ Cool & classy favorites ~*

This dress is perfect for every occasion.

I bought it for the holidays as I knew I'd have to get together with some people who really don't like me at all and always make me feel uncomfortable and insecure. As any woman knows, having a killer dress makes those events that crucial little bit easier... This year one can say I was armed to the teeth as I wore this dress and carried my new old vintage Chanel handbag (which I shall show you a little bit later...). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Dress by French mark Sague, bought from Susanna Penttilä's boutique Férrer"][/caption]
And yes, the whole ordeal did feel slightly less heavy and exhausting than normally...

I guess this really is a woman thing - or have you ever met a man whose mood and assertiveness could be considerably lifted by the right dress? Not to mention, by the right bag... ~*♥*~

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