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Charelstony Harmony of Tribal Silverbeads & Rajasthani Rosequartz

Rajasthan is renowned for it's exquisite age-old jewellery craftsmanship and traditions that aren't known even elsewhere in India. After all, Rajasthan was the kingdom of maharajas and they took great pride in wrapping their maharanis - wives - in the most spectacular jewellery of the world. Even though most of the maharanis lived their entire lives in purdah, meaning that no other man besides the maharaja ever lay eyes on them. In Pushkar, I too got inspired by all the smooth cool gemstones in all the colors of the rainbow, the tribal handcarved silverstuds, pearls, beads and enamelwork. And started making jewellery of my own.

I gave all the other pieces to friends, but this long necklace of rosequarz and tribal silverpieces I made for myself. The style is slightly inspired by the charleston era, but on a closer look the tribal handcrafted vibe gives it a a slightly wild and untamed touch that I love. I use this often when I travel, with light long white cotton strapless dresses and strappy sandals. My burgundy leather coat matches beautifully with it also. And Oona Elena Kassila's romantic lace tops, with fitting jeans... Hmmm... Getting inspired for the summer already... I love how each and every piece is carefully handcrafted. Often I'd sit and watch the silversmiths at work and admire their skills. Usually the families had been silversmiths for centuries and the skill was passed on from father to son. I'm so happy to have a tiny piece of that great craftsmanship and tradition here at home, in my cosy little flat in Kruununhaka. It's an amazingly small world, after all. ~*'*~

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