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~* All bubbly *~

My yesterday started out with most serious intentions. And then turned all bubbly. Between a doctor's appointment and not only one, but two gym classes reserved, I had a free moment to sit down in the sun and read a little Hemingway (seriously - sophisticating the mind and working the butt was the plan). When past strutted the lovely Sissi with Heidi InWonderland, and hijacked me along. Mmmmmm it turned out to be one of those joyous carefree warm summerdays (nights) when everything is possible... Even taking off for Tallinn, for another lovely fashion show, this Friday... Before the night was over, invitations were arranged, our trip & hotel rooms booked. Luckily, we stopped short at reserving the helicopter... Which for a moment seemed like an intelligent financial move. Until we noticed that the price quoted was per person... Hmpf. But in this company, even rowing our way to Tallinn would guarantee a most memorable experience ♥. ~*♥*~

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