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A real feminine dancer's touch...

One of my best purchases ever is this dreamy hip jewellery  in rosequartz, glass beads and real freswater pearls. MmmmmmMmm... Can't wait to feel the coolness and smoothness of stones & beads on my skin... This tresor is of course handmade and created by the magical FairyPrincess Oona Elena Kassila. The chain can also be worn as a necklace... Purrrrfect. [caption id="attachment_6344" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="I don't have my piece at home yet, but this is how to wear it... Tooo lovely."][/caption] The piece was inspired by tribal bellydancers...♥. Also, it's recommended to be worn at weddings, which I find a particularly facinating idea. Nothing to give more bohemian a look to a bride than a rosebelly jewel like this... I already know that this beauty is something I'll be wearing always and everyday. ~*♥*~

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