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Forest Fairy Wedding Photoshoot - Noora & Jed

Last weekend, I had the honor of photographing the wedding invitation pictures for my dear, dear friends Noora and Jed. 
The wedding will take place at Jed's parents' backyard in the US - that being also his favorite magic forest.  For the wedding, it'll be lanterns hanging from the trees, wildflowers, natural beauty... That was the theme we wanted to capture in the invitation - from one of Noora's favorite forestry fairy places in Finland.
Being Noora and Jed, sometimes they were upside down hanging from trees, sometimes doing solo flamenco, at times piggybag riding :).
You'll see whether we also captured the forest fairy moment... Later. 
The most beautiful shots of forest magic are saved for the actual invitation. But the love between these two is so strong you can just feel it, even in the mugshots <3.
My darling friends, I was so happy to have this day of true love to share in your presence. Just being around you restored a lot of my faltering faith in life, love, friendship. 
Even the breakfast that followed was according to theme  - love :). 
Thank you Noora and Jed, this was one good day for me. Love you. 

My Parisian Adventure

My trips to Paris, for some reason, are always adventurous. Things just happen and fall apart and then somehow back together... Never boring.
Once I was supposed to meet my sons in Paris after a long brake (they were on holiday with their dad)  and I decided to make a purchase trip to Paris while they were there.
We missed each other, had never been apart fur such a long time, but now they made an ex tempore trip to Paris.
It was super important that I'd be there on that one day when we could meet. 
They look so little... <3
Quickly I booked thickets, paid hotel, arranged someone to substitute for me at LadyBohenia, and headed for the airport next morning at 5 AM. Had been too busy to print anything but I had the confirmation in my phone, it even welcomed me to the upcoming flight. 
Tried to do self check-in, didn't find the plane. Tried with a flight attendant, she didn't manage. Started to panic and went to the counter. On the way, accidentally deleted the confirmation of the flight from my phone. That was just the icing on the cake.
The check-in person tried to find the flight, there was no flight with Norwegian for Paris that day. But it had welcomed me onboard! She didn't understand and I didn't have any document.
Went to Finnair counter and told what had happened and that I needed to get to Paris even if I had to buy another ticket. 
The Finnair lady decided to really help me and figure out what had gone wrong... I found one email confirmation for my reservation and she went over and over it. Until she figured out that in my haste I'd booked the tickets Paris-Hki-Paris. The plane welcoming me was at Orly airport in Paris.
Luckily, Finnair had a cheap flight leaving in a couple of hours and she booked me on it. 
I made it to Paris and got to spend that one beautiful day with my boys <3. 
This time, I had to ordrer an express passport straight to the airport to get it on time... Again at the airport at 5 AM, I was sure that there'd be a problem. 

Surprisingly, I found the passport, however yesterday on my way back Finnair lost all my luggage. So this time the surprise momentum is whether I get back the LadyBohemia purchases - all the lovely things I'd found, lost. Grrrrrr.
Things always go wrong but in the end it tends to work out. Waiting for a call from Finnair... ;)

The making of a photo shoot with goddess looking Valeria

Trying to keep myself busy and succeeding, at least in that. 
Yesterday we worked hard to create magic with the lovely Valeria Auväärt. She has some kind of strange virus - or something, nobody knows - and she almost fainted at one point. She held her head between her knees and slowly came about. 
But the sweet and diligent person that she is, she didn't want to stop the photo shoot. 
We soldiered on, and she started to first feel good, then great, which I feel shows the photos to come, and the upcoming videos <3
Huoh you never think a photo shoot could be exhausting but we two put our everything into this and were absolutely wiped out in the end. And we're continuing next Sunday. 
I sincerely hope you'll like the photos to come... Here Valeria is checking some of the *Making of* photos. 
Coming up,  the results of our labor of love. 

Love in Paris

Today I stumbled upon the last Spotify playlist Kalle had listened to. 
Titled "Love in Paris", it was utterly heartbreaking. Paris was our city, we dreamt of one day buying a little apartment, retiring there together.. Kalle always tried to come with me to my business trips to Paris, he was so concerned if I was alone somewhere abroad - even though I'd worked in Tanzania, Italy, India, travelled alone quite a bit, made a world tour - he was all too loving not to worry. 
I listened to his playlist again and again and it hit me hard, how deep is the pain, awaiting just around the corner. I've consciously realized that all my existence has gone to basic survival.  
This was a taste of what it's about to be. To feel the fact that he is gone forever. 
In April I had to make one purchase trip for LadyBohemia alone. And of course that time, I got robbed. Not hurt, just some money and credit cards were stolen. Kalle was so upset at the dangers of this world he swore he'd never let me in harm's way alone again. 
I'm not worried for thieves, muggers or robbers. 
I need to go soon again to our Paris... And I am anxious beyond words what it'll feel like to enter this hotel of ours (can I abandon the place where I have some of the most beautiful memories of my life, where everybody just loved him, hugged him, welcomed him so sincerely?) and then, every showroom, restaurant, wholesaler, fashion fair that I'll have to visit... Everybody I do business with knew and loved him, he was such a sweeter and larger than life persona.
Love in Paris has it's price. And I'm not sure i have enough currency. 

Some magical pieces of our sale...

This time, my lovely friend Mani came to model for me to help me with our grande summer sale. This sweetest person ever, a single mother of two small daughters, she not only came from a distance and found herself a babysitter, but also brought me flowers and chocolate.
And listened. One of those healing days, and encounters.
This hand embroidered silk dress, we called it the Dress of a Thousand and one Nights, was sold immediately. I'm not surprised, she looks so outerworldly in it. 
The rosa wrap dress is coming to the webshop as soon as I manage... 
This one, sweet little lilac dress, is already on sale at the webshop, in lilac and black: 
I love doing photoshoots with Mani as she's not only beautiful but such a soothing and loving presence. 
The sweetest thing is that she has modeled for me in so many situations of life - at first with a tiny baby with her, then heavily pregnant (8 months and then some) AND a toddler with her, then a toddler and a baby... Somehow she keeps it all together.
And my sons simply love her little daughters. One time when she came with both her daughters, my Luca took such loving care of her youngest, baby Undine. He lay next to her, caressed her head, tried to make her smile... He must have been 7-8 and he insisted on proudly pushing Undine's trolley when we left. And he told me firmly:
Maman we should have more children.